Best Poker Tools - Tournament Indicator

Best Poker Tools – Tournament Indicator

In the last few years many internet players have grown impatient with playing poker.  Realizing that it can take many hours to actually play poker online, many players are now looking for better poker tools that will help them to improve their game.  Tournament Indicator is one poker tool that many players are running across, which comes highly recommended by many systems players.

Tournament Indicator lets you see a table when you play tournaments and gauge many different statistics about your opponents, which you can then use to make decisions against your opponents.  Even though Poker-Spy works similarly, it is not as reliable since Poker-Spy is a computer program that uses the poker algorithms.  Tournament Indicator works in real time, collecting data only about the player you are playing against, the table size, the number of players, and then only shows the information that you need.

Many players know that Tournament Indicator is a poker tool that analyzes the statistics of a tournament while you are playing.  Once you have collected enough data about your opponents, Tournament Indicator is able to produce some potent results that will help you win at online poker.  At the least, any time you spend playing online poker, you will want to have a poker tool that will help you become more competitive and understand your opponents better.

When you use Tournament Indicator to analyze your tournaments, the software will gather quite a few different statistics and they include:

There are also several different statistics to choose from in Tournament Indicator.  One of the most popular being VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot), PFR (prior to fold), AF (average number of raises), and VPF (average amount of bets).  Of all the statistics collected, there are only a few that you are guaranteed to keep track of.  Tournament Indicator will show you how many blinds and antes that certain players have voluntarily entered, how many small and big blinds, and pre-flop tournament bets.  The displayed poker statistics are updated every time Poker-Spy updates their software.

There are other poker algorithms that Tournament Indicator will not track.  However, the Naga303 statistics that the software will collect, such as the average pot size, the consecutive number of points, and the pre-flop bet history, are useful if you like to do detailed research.

If you are a tournament player that wants to win, you may want to use Tournament Indicator to give you more information to help you.  Before you go to a table, you can run a few analysis with the various different statistics collected.  Once you are finished, you can share your knowledge with other tournament players by using easy to understand poker lingo that is also included in the software.

Using Tournament Indicator is free of charge, but you do need to sign up with their email list to get updates when new software is released.  Not only that, but you can also use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to get current information and future events.  There is no pressure to do so, and you can even keep in touch after you have plateaued your game and made non-table money.  There is no pressure, and you will also get profitable breaks to win big money in your tournament if you work hard.

If you want to win, play tournament strategy that is easy to learn and will increase your bankroll over time.  Do not be fooled into thinking that a gut-oscope SYSTEM will make you a winner, because it simply will not.  However, when you have a poker strategy card, you will know the right moves to make in a situation when you need a few extra push in your pocket.  Do you know the difference between heads-up and multi-tabling?  Knowing this, you will be able to navigate your way to your golden opportunities when you have a chance to double your stack!

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