A Card Counter's Guide to Winning in Blackjack

A Card Counter’s Guide to Winning in Blackjack

What makes blackjack more interesting than any other game, especially poker, is the options available in terms of how to play the game. You can play totally passive, totally aggressive, passively aggressive, or aggressively aggressive. It might sound boring at first, but the dynamics of the game change the thrill immensely when you know you have the best hand and affect the outcome of the game by your betting style.

In classic poker, there is a certain style that suits you best, and that is what you will have to find out. In blackjack, my friend, the only thing I have to recommend is a certain card counting strategy that turns the cards in your favor.

Card counting is a strategy that can be learned and implemented with little effort into your game. This is why I consider card counting to be the most important part of blackjack. There are still times when I lose and I do not know why- but I know that I will be back and win eventually.

When you can successfully learn the inordinate amount of information available to you about your hand and the cards on the table, you can have a natural advantage over the casino. Every session that you sit at the table playing pokerlounge99, you are increasing the probability that you will come out on top. This is the main reason that card counting is so important, because it is subconsciously keeping you on the same page as the casino, even when you’re not positive about what cards you should do.

Here are five reasons why card counting is so important:

  1. You can’t see players’ faces. Card counting is about knowing a lot about the players on your table, including their hand strength. You do this by keeping a close eye on the hand expression of the players and the gradually closing of their eyes, so that you know the level of happiness of their hands. If you are able to read happiness, you are definitely a winner.
  2. Getting caught cheating is wrong. There are no laws regarding cheating, so you have to temptation the casino every chance you get. In poker, you think the dealer is cheating you when you wonder why you didn’t get a better hand than the one you started with- gifts of anything from money to extra outs and even more if you’re really lucky. In blackjack, the dealer can’t see you or your cards so how can you cheat? By charging a higher amount of interest on your debt, sure. But you’re not really cheating the casino when you go card counting.
  3. Though card counting is perfectly legal, the casinos are not. They can’t just legally deal cards without you knowing, so they must be cheating. But you know that the casinos are businesses, so they have to have some level of integrity if they want you to be a customer. Remember that they spend millions of dollars on expenses just to intimidate you into leaving their casino again. They can afford to have a casino with a good reputation.
  4. If the casino is crowded, your chances of winning will be less. Customers in a casino are just as happy as customers anywhere else, and so is it unlikely that they will fight over a game. However, if you are a card counter and a lot of people are watching you, they may be willing to fight and end up giving you more business than they expect.
  5. The worst casino poker players are the ones who act drunk and therefore draw less attention to themselves. A lot of card counting is done while a person is drunk, and if they are not concentrating, they might not realize what cards they have and fight over them. If you are particularly busy when you can’t focus, find a different table or leave the casino till you can regain your concentration.

It’s really not difficult to learn how to count cards, you just have to practice and it will come very naturally to you. You don’t have to learn it in books or courses either; just practice and it will come to you. You can also ask your friends who are experienced card counters if they would teach you how to count cards; though they will probably be banned from every casino nowadays.

The basic point is that when you play, be sure that you play as hard as you can and as fast as you can. When you take a bad beat, move out of the casino and take a break. When you are playing expertly, you will always come out on top most times, so that you can generate more cash pots.

While counting cards is totally legal and a great skill to have in your arsenal of poker strategies, never make it a habit to keep counting. If you do, you will be known as a card counter and the casinos will have problems with you for that.

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