• A Winning Tennis Strategy

    A Winning Tennis Strategy

    When looking at any tennis strategy it is important to look at the period of time the player is playing tennis, as well as the amount of tennis court time each player has available to play. In order to successfully select tennis bets, there are many factors to consider:

    1. The specifics of the specific tennis tournament
    2. Which player is in form at present, and will he or she be playing differently on different surfaces?
    3. What player has the best record in the specific tennis tournament that the bookmaker is targeting?
    4. What player has the greatest chance of winning the specific tennis tournament?
    5. How many players have a history of strategic or tactical play?
    6. Is there a player who is playing exceptionally well in certainhands?
    7. What are the playing patterns or styles of the specific players?
    8. Are there any injuries to key players?

    Depending on the subscribed factors, you could begin to have a tennis betting strategy, but you could also be making many mistakes along the way. For instance if you are betting general games, you must take into account the player Fresh, or a strong player that is not playing as well as once or twice.

    It is method many people use, as they can’t stick around many hands, and you will have to bet knee jerk, as you don’t know who is going to be out early or who is going to be out far.

    A foolproof tennis betting strategy (Sometimes called a Bolagila systems strategy)

    Here is what you need to consider when developing a basic tennis betting strategy:

    1. How many tournaments are we going to bet on?2. How much are we willing to bet. Yes, that’s a critical point. You need to consider your bankroll AND your stakes. You can’t bet $1,000 on a single tennis match, but if you can’t afford $1,000, then start with a small fixed bet on a match maybe $75-$175. This way you can risk maybe only $400 and still be in action long enough to make a healthy profit. Why not try something like this?
    2. How much are you willing to bet? You will have to decide this. You must come to the conclusion that you are willing to lose this money, that you can afford to lose this money and that you can win money this season.

    Once you have come to that conclusion you should consider sitting out on some match days. Or, for example, play once a week instead of twice. It’s all up to you.

    It is vital to remember that if you enjoy your betting, you are betting to make money. Enjoy it but don’t get carried away.

    If you are winning, consider taking your family out for lunch or evening meal, as this way you can let go of the betting and not feel guilty about it.

    Plan ahead, make a list of what to buy, you can even ask friends or your work colleagues for advice. If you are on a really hot roll then do not, keep betting and moving forward.

    Remember, it is just a game.

    1. Set a limit

    You should never bet more than you are willing to lose, that is your limit. Start with a small percentage of your bankroll and stick to it. Once you have won some money, remove that amount of the bankroll, or put a stop lose on the wins, and repeat again. Like Everest does, it will come to you.

    If you follow these basic steps you will not need to use complex strategies and you will therefore, be able to concentrate much more on the game itself.

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