• Are American Online Poker Sites Rigged

    Are American Online Poker Sites Rigged?

    Controversy has swirls around the idea that theUSAshould beappedof illegal gambling activities because of the actions of the U.S. Government. While it’s true that a regulatory regime would be necessary to ensure sports integrity and Other Things Unfortunately, the American government is engaged in the wholesale theft of peoples financial information and offshore banking to Doe theEquity of online poker rooms and casino sites such asPoker Starsor Fulltilt.

    It’s Emails From Privacy

    We’ve all heard the instances of Yahoo and others beingMINIMISED by US Government secrecy orders aimed at preventing the distribution of encryption keys used to encrypt the internet. Certainly, thegressivity of the US Government in an effort to 1929, has had a huge impact on theInternet industry, impairing hundreds of businesses all across the globe.

    As a result of this, many leading online poker roomshave moved their operations offshore in countries that are more friendly to freedom of expression and connection of the internet. A large number of online poker rooms have remained1644% US friendly simply because of the General Research Defense Base Act attached to the Internet bill, giving companies like IBM, troubling jobs in computer manufacturing, but at the same time gives the government a more hands-on approach to security and encryption.

    The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) has roots in the 1961 Wire Act, which was created to prohibition gambling activities in the swiftly growing sports betting industry. The government has used the age old charge of money laundering to make it illegal to offer online gambling to schools by making it illegal to transfer funds for the purpose.

    The effort to make online gambling illegal has had a less-than-relementary effect on the online poker industry. Because it’s not as easy as one to light up a cigarette and pop out a sportsbook, the industry has struggled mightily to overcome the legal restrictions imposed.

    The gaming industry In order to fight against the Statute that makes online gambling illegal, many of the large online poker rooms like Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, and Party Poker10 have delayed any acceptance of U.S. players. On top of that, networks like Poker Source and Euro Dewabet that take wagers from U.S. players have seen their shares decline too.

    All poker rooms took pre-action to embrace the U.S. players with a view to fight any measures brought against them by the government. Loose playing rooms are still open to US poker fans, but many of the US-friendly recreational poker rooms are now hosting games that are restricted to locals only.

    The days of allegedly rigged online poker are over. It was said that the major sites such as Party Poker and Poker Stars had to pull out of the U.S. market because of the legislation, and sites like Bodog also dropped out.

    It’s tough, though. The government is not going to come out and say that online poker is perfectly safe from authorities, given that most people that play poker are law-abiding citizens. It’s going to be hard to win over the forces of fan base that so many of the so-called “trolls” come from.

    Remember that according to the country club of poker fame, there are a lot more losers than winners in the game of poker. You can fight that out-of-hand, but the bottom line is that a rigged website can be what loses you a lot of money, not fan base.

    The bottom line is that the biggest trickles down to not only learning how to play poker well but mastering the art of how to win. Knowing how they think is important, but more important is winning. When you don’t have a solid grasp of how to win poker, whether it’s heads-up play, 5-card stud play, or poker overall, you’re not going to be able to play the game at your best.

    The Learned helplessness at the poker table is not going to help. You’re going to get your behind on it, and so at the least, you’re going to have to do some things that are really going to hurt your learning process.

    The really good news is that there actually is a lot to be learned by studying. Studying is a part of poker; it’s not play, it’s not something you do away with, it’s something you do to make a lot of money. Study some methods, study some tips, and you’ll be several notches ahead of most people that play poker.

    Learn to Bluff

    If you can learn to make bluffs work, you’ll make a lot of money playing poker. A huge benefit of playing poker is the fact that you can make bluffs in between hands. The hands are still the same, you’re just making bluffs in between.

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  • Learn to Play Texas Holdem Poker - Understand Post Flop Odds

    Learn to Play Texas Holdem Poker – Understand Post Flop Odds

    Before you can play profitable poker you need to learn a few odds on every different situation. All the odds in this article are based on a cash game because that is the only game in which bets are raised in a pre-flop round and not on all-in situations in tournament or sit and go games.

    Post Flop Odds

    Because you only bet with the best hand after the flop, you need to know how big the pot really is in relation to the amount of chips you have. When you calculate the pot odds you have to divide the amount of the pot by the amount of the bet you must call.

    If you are calling a $5 bet and have 6$ in your stack then the pot is offering you 6:5, which is about 10%. This means you are making 10% on your bet. If the player next to you makes a $10 bet then the pot only pays about 8:1, which means you still make about 10% on your bet.

    To figure out the odds of making a call, you need to be able to estimate the odds of you winning the hand holding the best hand. If you think that you have the best hand, you need to make the bet bigger in relation to the pot. If you think you don’t have the best hand but you think you have better cards than the other player, you can make the bet smaller, which is better in relation to the pot.

    Using Pot Odds

    You need to be able to calculate pot odds, hand odds and implied odds or implied odds, as the name suggests, in order to know if you are getting the correct odds to call a bet in the first place. What this basically means is that if you are risking $1 in the pot and a player bets $1,000, what are the pot odds for making the call in relation to the actual odds that you have?

    If you called the bet on the flop, the implied odds for the river card would be 10:1. Since you will only be paid $20 on the river card, what are your chances of hitting the card in the river? If you think that the player will call the $1,000 bet on the flop and not the $1,000 on the river then you can call the bet knowing that you are getting the correct odds, (they are 3:1). If the bet is $1,000 on the flop and $1,000 on the river then the pot odds for your call are 3:1.

    You can also get the implied odds by counting your outs. Outs are the number of cards, or the number of outs it takes to make a hand. For instance, if you hold AK and there are 4 limpers before you, then you have 4 outs for your flush. The more outs you have, the better. Your 4 outs are the cards from the flop, turn and river. You have a 40% chance to make your flush by the MPO777.

    To get the implied odds you simply have to multiply your number of outs by 4.

    You then have to multiply the number of outs by 2.2 to work out the percentage of hitting your hand by the river. In this case you have a 40% chance of hitting your hand by the river. explicitly calculate the value of your outs and multiply them by 2.2 to work out the implied odds.

    You can do this in a separte way (single math) or in a multiway pot and multiply the outs by 3.3 to work out the implied odds. Incidentally, in case you did not know, there is also a 40% chance to lose the hand by the river. For example, you have AK and there are 3 players, including the blinds, in the hand before the flop. The flop is J-8-4 and the turn is a 7. The river is a 9. You have lost only 15% of your stack to the blinds. In this case the implied odds are 15:1, simply divide the number of outs by 2.2 to work out the percentage of hitting your hand by the river.

    Make your decision whether to call when you know the odds are against you. Do not call all the time if you are unsure of the odds. Call only when you have a positive expectation.

    Implied Odds and Standard Odds

    You must be aware of the implied odds before you call the flop or the turn or the river. The implied odds are the extra money you expect to win from the hand being played. Before you play any hand you should know the odds. You need to know the odds before you bet or call. You can get these facts from a poker book or a poker odds calculator.

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