Many Weak Players Have No Idea How to Really Play Texas Holdem

Many Weak Players Have No Idea How to Really Play Texas Holdem

Weak players often say that poker is the easiest game to play in the world. That may be true if you’re playing at the lowest stakes. Take away the airs from the game and you have a pretty good shot at making some money.

First of all, the game is not even close to being even money. Some studies have shown that the payout on final hand values (the money you get to keep no matter what) is anywhere between 35% to 60% even money. Air, and lets use penny ante for example, is essentially nothing more than pure luck. You have a very good chance of hitting a straight, or a flush, or an over pair. But even if you get two pair, or three of a kind the chances are still fairly low.

Poker is often described as a game of big numbers. The big numbers are the cards, or in this case the hands, that you hold. It’s hard to use any table strategy in this game. There are no card counting methods, so you’re on a strictly numerical basis. There are many ways to bet, but there are only two ways to play. Low or high? Or fold. That’s it. It’s that simple.

There are many reasons for this, but two are usually given:

  1. If you’re low, you won’t get dealt any playable hands, and if you play low, you’ll be underdog.
  2. If you’re high, you’ll get dealt more playable hands and therefore, if you play high, you’ll be a favorite.

But, what if you could play both low and high? Let’s say you’re sitting on the button, or the dealer button, or one of the last ones if you’re in the blinds, or you’re in the middle. What happens if you have a choice to play your hand?

Playing middle or late position is the thrilling, struggling-to-get-the-best-hand kind of game. You never want to give up the hand, unless the other players are showing obvious strength.

In middle or late position, you can open your starting hand options wider. In middle or late position, often you can shove, if it’s under the gun (first to act), or you can limp, if you’re in the blinds. You can encourage action with a call or a raise, or even re-raise.

This is the essence of the problem-of-opportunity called opening the door to capture that elusive card that will turn the game around.

When you’re the dog, it’s easier to get your head out of the clouds. The dog is going to turn into something good if the opportunity to devour a chip rises. Remember, the goal is to be there at the river; it’s simply not worth a lot to you to push another chip into the middle when there are better opportunities else where.

This is also a form of stealing. If you have position and a player raises in front of you, you can sense a steal attempt. Bet out. You might get a call, but an all-in raise is a sign that the player is ready to connect with his steal attempt. Maybe the raiser was weak before because he was waiting for a stronger hand.

Position is everything and it should in form your Pengeluaran Hk Live play. Sometimes you want to play hands that are under-the-gun or better when you have position. You can do this by either playing it slowly or fast in order to send the message you’re available for a showdown.

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