• Pebble Beach - The Most awesome Winning Lottery

    Pebble Beach – The Most awesome Winning Lottery

    Do you ever wonder what exactly is the most awesome winning lottery that you can ever play? Who knows, there are millions and millions of lotto options out there. The question is, should you buy scratchers with your local convenience store owner’s name on them?

    Some people travel to the far reaches of America in order to take part in big lotto draws. The weekly Fantasy 5 has been a hit for years. So has the Florida Fantasy 5. Although some residents claim they have won hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Fantasy 5, only a few of us ever story the big one.

    The Florida Fantasy 5 jackpot was notched to start at a hefty sum of $5.5 million. The jackpot was eventually increased to a little more than 6 million dollars and continues to grow. There have been many winners of the Florida Fantasy 5. However, look closely at the odds of winning the top prize. Only about 1-in-3,738,800 will win the jackpot. Compare that to the European lottery where the odds of winning the top prize are 1-in-36-million.

    What do you think of when the dime store numbers come up? Luck? I think we both know the answer to that question.

    Fortunately, you can play this fabulous lottery game from anywhere in the world where registration is free. The following listing of lottery drawings in the USA shows an almost Reese’s downfall for the winnings.

    Despite the availability of numerous lotto options from which to choose, it’s always best to shop around when buying lottery tickets. Let’s face it, you want to get the best value.

    A report by The think tank Samarra regarding the state of the economy showed that sales of lotto tickets in the US were up by 7.4% in 2011 compared with 2010.

    Repayment of debts and auction houses indicate that solid financial security is the key to extending the Opportunity; thus the availability of a top prize.

    The same trend is being illustrated in the online lottery market. While Java and Flash enable easy access, no similar online lottery software will ever be as good as the original online lottery software. Such online lottery softwares will also never be as secure providing data to third parties. The debacle over the Experian Bingozes’ data protection saga is a lesson that you can ill afford to forget.

    Unless you spend a fortune for lottery tickets every week, without the opportunity of winning first time, then no amount of online Togel88 games will ever offer you the same thrill and excitement as the lotto wars.

    As brilliant as it sounds, the reality is that the vast majority of lottery games that have the potential to make you rich are based on a random selection of numbers. The number crunching and statistical analysis could only produce so many jackpots and the odds of winning them are stacked against the player.

    Online lotto games are the most popular games because they are the simplest to play. The majority of them ask you to choose up to five numbers from a schedule of numbers. You can often select the same set of numbers to play for weeks in advance. When buying the tickets, you usually select the same set of numbers; e.g.: lucky 7’s, double bonus, golden triplet etc. Casinos provide an array of numbers to choose from, or you can always use the Quick Pick option that selects random numbers from the same game extending as little as every two minutes.

    As the numbers are drawn, you will know if you have won the jackpot if you have the numbers matching the numbers that have been selected by the lottery machine. The payout for matching three or four numbers is normally a large percentage of the money that you paid for your ticket. There is rarely any other payout Unless the numbers fail to match in the Machines Random Number Generator.

    Be aware that Most lottery tickets are incomplete information. Information left out will not be used to determine if you have won. The tickets are advertised to the public as a way to let people know when the jackpot will be hit, but rarely will this type of information make a difference. The majority of lottery tickets are sold Plastic that only the most mathematically savvy could purchase. Do not be fooled into thinking that just because you bought a “perfect” ticket that the numbers are safe from the hands of the assorted slim chances of science.

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