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    Winning Blackjack – Part 1 of 3

    Why would one purchase blackjack insurance? Let’s assume the dealer has an ace showing and you have a 12 as your point. If the dealer has a face card or 10 showing, you lose the insurance bet and your hand is played out normally. If the dealer has a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 showing, you lose the insurance bet and your hand is played out normally. However, if the dealer has a 9 showing, you would not lose anything, because the dealer would have to have a 10 or ace in order to win the hand. As per the rules of playing blackjack, you would be making a wager of 1 + 0. In this scenario, you are even money on the hand that you are playing.

    Whether you are playing blackjack or any other table game offered at a casino, it is important to have a strategy for winning. Put into practice what I’ve taught you above. Craps is a game of streaks. You should never assume you will win every hand. Take your time and figure out what is the most likely hand you will need to win in order to play for keeps. Craps his a great game because the outcome can never be predicted. If you’re winning a few rounds with a new system, but you’re losing more than you’re winning, then a system is probably not for you.

    If you are winning some, you should know when to leave the casino. Online casinos are similar to land casinos in that you should set a time limit for your playing time. Set a buzz word or a limit for how much money you are going to spend on gambling in the next two hours. If you have trouble walking away from the table before you reach your limit, use the no win strategy. This strategy involves walking away from the table before you lose too much. It means you win some, but you don’t lose # It’s #1 without losing #2. Walk away from the table when you are a winner without spending more than you win.

    Try to play at a live casino when you have the house edge less than 1.5%. A good rule of thumb is that if the house is paying less than 1.5% on a dollar in bets, you should expect to lose about $1.50 on every dollar bet. A good hour at a live casino statistical player is defined as the time the table takes in terms of your table bet. If the table is going 30 seconds or less, you can expect to lose $0.30 or $0.50 per hour.

    Granted, a lot of this applies to online play. There really isn’t any statistics available for “real-life” craps. So, my best advice to you is to decide whether you want to read about “real-life craps” or not and play in accordance with your personal interests.

    Read about QQdewa strategy. Blackjack is among the most simple card games to learn and can be learned in minutes. Learn basic strategy, the odds, and multiple strategies. Read books by professionals and bet with a consistent low risk. Online casinos accept most forms of payment and almost any form of currency. The easiest form of payment is probably credit cards. They allow you to move money from your own bank account into your online casino account. There are other methods also, such as electronic wallets, wire transfers, and check payments, which allow you to move money from your own bank account and into your online casino account, respectively. Usually the lowest amount of risk is when you are learning to play, and you are placing your first bets with your personal money. You don’t really have to worry about protecting your personal money online.

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